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Quick Details

Type; Photon Therapy Device
Brand Name; Medlife
Product name; Photon therapy device "Celight"
Properties; Skin care device
Efficacy; Skin rejuvenation, Reduce wrinkles, Pore tightening, Whitening, Acne treatment, Anti-inflammation
Characteristics; no pain, no side effects
Model Number; CL-1546
Place of Origin; Seoul, Korea
Wavelength; red light 650±10nm, blue light 420±10
Voltage; DC12V
Power; 60W
Weight; 2.9KG
Dimension; 29.5cm x 21cm x 66cm
Packing Size; 32cm x 28cm x 42cm


Mode 1 target areas: wrinkles, pores, sagging skin, dull skin, pigmentation, scar marks
Mode 2 target areas: acne skin, atopic dermatitis
Mode 3 target areas; when acne, atopic dermatitis are cured more than 95%
(If improved 100%, continue to maintain a beautiful skin using Mode 1)

Product Description

How does Photon Therapy "Celight" Device work?
Bio-energy gets the energy from the sun as the source of life. Such solar light is divided according to the frequency. The feature of each frequency and its function to skin or body are different. In addition, the body's skin and tissues have characteristics to have their unique frequencies. By taking this point into consideration our product transmits the photons with the same frequency as the natural frequency of each skin area and increases the amplitude of resonance and increases the level of energy in the skin. This(Photon Therapy) is the method that our product uses to heal. .
Photon Therapy is the interaction of light, delivered through Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), to cause bio-stimulation on cell receptors. Photon Therapy encourages natural cell renewal and healing. By stimulating these actions, damage caused by the environment, natural aging, photoaging and other external factors can be safely land painlessly remedied.
Various studies around the world suggest that Photon Therapy stimulates blood and lymph circulation, decreases inflammation, and improves cellular metabolism and protein synthesis (collagen).

Photon Therapy "Celight" Device Applications:

1. Skin rejuvenation
2. Reducing fine lines, wrinkles
3. Skin lifting and tightening
4. Pore tightening
5. Skin whitening
6. Acne treatment, anti-inflammation
7. Improving lymph circulation

Photon Therapy "Celight" Device Advantages:

1. Three types of specific light source for clinical treatment;(Red, Blue, Red+Blue)
2. Treatment of the entire face can be done once
3. For any skin type
4. No side effects, No pain
5. Comfortable, non-invasive
6. No need of special care after treatment
7. Permanence; Can be used for a lifetime once purchased as one-off or semi-permanent product which does not require other consumables.
8. Usability; it is possible to adjust the angle freely
Ways to bask in the light while lying down comfortably (sleeping is harmless whiling using by setting 20 minutes before sleeping –automatically off) or it is possible to sit and use

* Precautions; to avoid the possibility of dazzle due to the bright light, please wear an eye bandage while in use.
* Recommended places to use: hospitals, oriental clinics, skin care, hair salon, nail salon, spa, luxury sauna, postpartum care centers, silver-towns, self-management office, home

* Pore shrink, Skin lifting

* Acne Skin

* Atopic Dermatitis

* OEM welcome
* Contact us +82-2 2668 9997 / medlife99@gmail.com

Company Information

Medlife is headquartered in Seoul and its manufacturing plant is located in Incheon. It has for a long time studied the skin and the problems of the skin, and has manufactured skin care devices using state-of-the-art equipment. "Celight" is a photon therapy device for global markets in pursuit of high performance, low cost and ease of use.
The mission of our company is to supply environmentally friendly and superbly efficient products with continuous R&D and state-of-the-art technology.

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